Bursting Discs

Our product assortment

STRIKO bursting discs are available in different designs in metal or graphite. Numerous available combinations with application optimised holders and versatile accessories allow the configuration of customer based pressure relief solutions.

Service description

A bursting disc unit is a presssure relief device that typically consists of a bursting disc and bursting disc holder. The bursting disc is designed to carry pressure and responds to pressure increases. With the wide product range of metallic or non-metallic corrosion resistant materials, we cover a comprehensive range of nominal diameters, burst pressures and temperatures.

Application areas

By using our STRIKO bursting disc equipment, your pressure containers, piping, gas bottles and similar are secured from excess and/or negative pressure. We manufacture bursting discs individually according to customer specifications from stainless steel, graphite and special materials.

Upon reaching a specified pressure, the bursting discs will release, within a short time, nearly the entire relief cross section without closing it again. After a pressure relief, the bursting discs are replaced. Therefore, it is guaranteed that always brand-new and leak free pressure relief equipment is available. This protects people, the environment and systems.

Everywhere where it is necessary to secure devices or systems – whether in the chemical industry, foods technology or process technology – the STRIKO burst safety devices are being used reliably. According to your specifications, our engineers will prepare the best solution for the safety of your system.

STRIKO pressure relief devices are

  • cost efficient and easy to install
  • the alternative to safety valves
  • the perfect protection of existing safety valves from highly corrosive media

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