Static Mixers

Service description

Brought to you by our solution partner Striko®Verfahrenstechnik with its expertise in engineering and manufacturing of variety static mixers. Static mixers guarantee continuous operation in closed piping systems. They do not contain any moving components and therefore work nearly wear-free. All engineered static mixer variants are maintenance-free, can be cleaned in-line, sterilised /dampened and easily disassembled if necessary.

Application areas

Our static mixers are being successfully used in a number of industrial sectors. With low investment expense and its extraordinary low operating costs, efficient, high productive mixer, dispersed, emulsifier, heat exchanger and response applications can be implemented. The high cost efficiency results, among other things, also in that the low energy requirement for the mixing process is directly derived from the product flow.

The mixing elements are also used in heat exchangers. The continuous movement of the medium between pipe interiors and pipe wall increase the heat transfer, which saves the installation length.The requirements of the process environment and the wishes of our customers decide about the individual design of a system. All stainless steels and standard steels are available for the material, for plastics, e.g. PVC, PE-HD, PP or PVDF, also with a fiber reinforced glass shell. The internals can be manufactured from glass or PTFE coated pipes. 

HELICAL and K-HELICAL Typical Applications

  • Sterile applications (use of soldered mixing elements)
  • Insulin manufacture
  • Foods industry: homogenising of mayonnaise
  • Plastics processing in combination with heat exchanger for homogenising and tempering the mixing product before the injection moulding
  • Mixing of liquids such as paints
  • Mixing of gasses into liquids, e.g. for iron precipitation

STX Typical Applications

  • Mixing of ammonia into pea starch
  • Melted cheese manufacture: adding herbs / ingredients
  • Use during low flow speeds, since higher shearing forces may be created due to geometry
  • Mixing / colouring of silicon
  • Mixing of pastes

EREstat Typical Applications

  • Manufacture of ice-cream
  • Mixing of fruit pieces into yoghurt with low shearing rates
  • Dissolving CO2 in all types of beverages
  • Aİr injection in hair gel, injection of air bubbles

STV Typical Applications

  • Exhaust gas post treatment for denitrification
  • Injection of finely atomizing liquids in large volume gas flows
  • Binding of dusts in exchaust flows
  • Combination of different mixer types is possible, depending on permitted pressure loss and required mixing quality

Striko Static Mixers