Thermal Fluid Systems

Advantages of Thermal Oil Boiler versus Steam Boiler

  • No freezing 
  • Over 300dgc. at 2-3 bars
  • Corrosion Free
  • Less Maintenance 
  • Spend less for the safety devices
  • Less Monitoring
  • Easy filtering 

Reliability of Expertise 

Most of our Turn-key Reactor systems operate with Thermal Oil Boilers therefore we tend to focus on synchronization of boiler operation versus reactor system. 
Nevertheless that strenghtens our ability to enhance the safety requirements.
Each project, depending on the customer’s preferences has been implemented by certified welders who have been routinely under inspection by TÜV or equivalent notified bodies. 
During typical projects raw materials and welded materials go through required analysis prior to notification such as bending, elongation, microanalysis, x-rays as well as tensile strenght.

3D CAD Design & Layouts

3 Dimensional CAD design reduces design cycle time as well as possibility to make errors essentially ensures proper & more visual layout for the customer. Our technical crews work together on every project from layout design to fabrication. 

Laboratory Type Electrical Oil Heater (LEH-2000)

  •  Plug & Operate type mobile electrical heating module. 
  • Rock wool insulated.
  • Oil tank capacities may vary from 65 to 80Lt. 
  • Expansion tank included
  • Mechanical sealed hot oil pump
  • Versatile  Sight glass 
  • PLC or digital PID type temp. controlling 
  • Safety By pass system
  • Power required is 12kW.