Custom Design

Özköseoğlu Flaker Systems are developed over the years to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Our flake systems allow the users to adjust main variables such as drum speed, fluid temperature and mill metrical film versus drum clearance adjustment in order to maintain desired thickness and brittleness.

Standard Model Features

  • Drum Capacity                    :Approx. 300-400Kg/hr (may vary depending on cooling water temp., Desired Flake    thickness and Drum speed etc.)
  • Drum Dimensions                : h: 1,250mm, ø: 800mm
  • Drum Material                      : AISI-316 stainless steel
  • Cooling jacket                      : Special Design water circulation system to maintain same flake quality over the drum.
  • Cooling Area                        : 2.5m²
  • Scraper Blade                      : L: 1250mm, Brass tailored laser cut portable blade system
  • Fluid Pool                         : AISI- 304-quality stainless steel rectangle tank with heating jacket. Rock wool Insulated. Tank height is adjustable for desired film thickness. PT100 Thermocouple system reads material temp. and adjusts for the desired material temp.
  • Flaking Blades                      : Double set laser cut blades mounted on a stainless steel shaft operates as inter cutting system. All tailored from Stainless steel. Open top with polycarbonate sight glass window.

Process Control Elements

  • Frequency Controller for the speed adjustment of the drum
  • PID digital temp. Controller connected to PT100 probe for measuring the fluid temp.
  • Flaking Blades on/off control.

Industrial Application

  • It is widely used for softener applications in Textile Industry
  • Paraffin, wax Industries
  • Polyester resin coating (Petroleum Resins etc.)
  • Custom Design applications

Desired Quality

The film thickness may vary from 0.6 to 1mm. By adjusting the optimum variables of fluid temperature, drum speed, cooling water temperature, film clearance versus drum one can easily maintain desired thickness and brittleness.