Prepolymer Reactors - Blenders

Prepolymer Reactors - Blenders

Prepolymer reactor design requires a sensitive control system of reaction viscosity and temperature due to the exothermic nature of the process. 

Technical Features

  • Prepolymer blender types can be Cylindrical or Conical design
  • From  0,025m³ to 20m³ capacity range
  • Low to High viscosity impeller design
  • Full vacuum to Atmospheric design
  • 300 series stainless steel, carbon steel, or special materials
  • Multi powered or single powered
  • Heating or Cooling, Jacketed or half-pipe coiled

Custom Designed Auxiliaries

  • Reflux or vacuum system for sensitive dosing of additives 
  • Auto-fast response `by – pass` design, for heating/cooling 
  • Load Cell system
  • Frequency Controller
  • PLC controlled process design
  • Mechanical or Soft Sealed
  • Ergonomic floor scales for IBC / Drum dosing to a prepolymer
  • User-friendly operator panel with PLC & HMI