Laboratory Plant

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Laboratory Plant

  • Formulation trials made in glass ware can be easily repeated same day in your laboratory as if implemented in the production or pilot plant only in smaller volume. 
  • More than the wetted parts of the system tailored from 316-L stainless steel.  All liquid or gas media interacting with stainless steel giving more comparable outcome to real production.
  • All tailored stainless steel European Certified with maximum corrosion resistance.

   Why Mobile & Modular?

   RND comes with (4) four modules which are all mobile, plug-and-operate type. It can save you a significant time and interruption at your research place as well as  minimizes the potential hazards since it does not require heavy work to build up or replace.

New Generation Modular Laboratory Plant 
RND “Research & Development” 
RND is a ‘Mobile & Modular Laboratory Plant’. The system is designed for R&D Chemists and Engineers to formulate their trials on prototype stainless steel batch reactor system. 

The type of processes RND is capable of…
‘RND ‘is suitable for mainly but not limited to esterification, trans-esterification, polymerization, poly-condensation and distillation processes. 
Moreover, it can manage purification, extraction, stripping, solvent recovery, absorption, stripping, vacuum distillation processes.

RND Process Design 
RND has a State-Of-The-Art ergonomic and versatile design offering engineers and chemists to make their reaction trials by controlling main reaction parameters such as temperature, pressure and mixing speed in touch of a button.
The modular equipment such as column, condenser, impeller, vacuum pump and decanter may be custom designed.