Pilot Plant

Özköseoğlu has over 40 years of expertise in the design and fabrication of Pilot Plants. Since 1990, Özköseoğlu pilot systems are provided as turn-key assembled modules. 
All equipment is mounted on the module with all heating, cooling, vacuum systems as well as reaction vessel auxiliary equipment such as condenser, column, decanter with all interconnection process piping installed to tie points to make one compact system.

We provide sizes from 50Lt. to 1,200Lt. pilot systems with all ancillary equipment in modules. 

Process Control & Automation
All instrumentation is mounted on the module. Manual or PLC control systems are provided to communicate with each modules as well as the existing plant control system. 

Advantages of Modular System 

  • Lower overall project cost
  • One synchronized system responsibility 
  • Fast Track Project 
  • Compact Design
  • Versatility, Portability and Future Duplicability 
  • Reduced Installation Period